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Protest Protocol (2016) | 11 min

In the early hours of July 5, 2016, Alton Sterling, a resident of Baton Rouge, LA was killed by two officers of the Baton Rouge Police Department. In the days that followed, two separate videos appeared on the internet showing the encounter between the cops and Sterling, who was shot at point blank.

The Baton Rouge Police Department justified the killing by saying a gun was recovered in Sterling's pocket. The video shows an object being extracted by Sterling's pocket, though it also shows that Sterling was being restrained by the two officers and posed no threat to them.

The video caused massive protests around the country, with its epicenter in Baton Rouge. Between July 8 and July 10, about 185 people were arrested during the protests connected with Sterling's death. Most arrestees were charged with obstructing a highway and resisting arrest. Accounts of mistreatment surfaced among the people who were detained.